Sound Stage

The Stage at Sigma Sound represents the next generation of live entertainment presentation in Philadelphia. It hosts a 2,300 square foot multi use soundstage complete with a green room, studio control room link, and DJ Booth.

“The Stage” is an incredibly diverse space that serves as a video production soundstage and a private events venue, and is fit to serve an array of entertainment industry needs with its 16-foot high ceilings, ability to accommodate up to 350 people and state of the art lighting design.

As a multi-use production venue, The Stage at Sigma Sound serves as the one-stop destination for production and entertainment professionals, providing transformative entertainment, performance, and production space, lighting design, and the best audio/visual equipment on the planet.

Additionally, the professionals at The Stage at Sigma Sound are well equipped to assist clients with their production needs, from design and execution to technical requirements necessary for operation. The Stage can also be used as a performance rehearsal studio, an orchestra scoring stage, a photography studio, and a lecture hall.

It’s efficient layout, modern design, and wide array of uses make it an amazing destination for industry professionals.

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